Children’s Art Competition 2015

Islamic Art Exhibit, a non-profit organization since 2009, proudly presents an opportunity for young artists to participate in an Art Competition based on the theme;

“Arabic; Language of Quran”

God says in the Quran: Joseph (12:2) “Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Quran that you might understand.”

Submissions are by appointment only from March 1-8, 2015. Art submitted by schools will be picked up by IAE representative Contact IAE members: 510-676-5357, 510-366-7566, 510-821-1806

Children Art Exhibit from April 5 to 27, 2014
Artist Reception on 4th April, 2015 from 5 to 7 pm
At South Bay Islamic Association, 2345 Harris Way, San Jose CA, 95131

Entry is open to three age groups: 6-8 years, 9-12 years and 13-15 years. Specify on submissin form. The competition will be judged for creativity, originality, skill and presentation for three prizes per group. There is a nominal non refundable entry fee of $7.00 per entry. The art work will be disqualified if it does not completely meet the eligibility rules given here.

Eligibility and Rules:

  • Entry must be original work of art and art work must relate to the given theme.
  • One entry per child accompanied by Submission form downloadable on the IAE website.
  • Sizes of art work allowed are as follows: Stretched canvas: Maximum size 12”x16” (NO flat canvases allowed). Paper: Maximum size: 12”x16 “ (In case of art on paper, leave a one inch plain border on all sides)
  • NO wood, plastic frames or frames with glass allowed. IAE will frame the art on paper.
  • Canvas pieces must be ready to display, wired and hooked to hang on walls (per website regulation).
  • No name in front of piece. Name, age, medium and brief description attached to back of art work.
  • No depictions of Allah, Prophets, Angels or anything else prohibited in Islam.
  • No human features. animal drawings are fine.
  • All mediums (watercolor, pencil, crayons, pastels, acrylic etc) of fine art paintings acceptable.

IAE Policy:

  • Islamic Art Exhibit will not be held liable for loss, theft, or damage to the artwork from any cause.
  • Art work will not be insured by IAE.
  • Art work will remain the property of the owner. It will be returned on the date announced.
  • Artist will pick up the art work within a week of the announced Return Date. Unclaimed art work by deadline will be disposed.
  • Islamic Art Exhibit reserves the right to reject any artwork for any reason.
  • Submission of Artwork constitutes an agreement to the rules listed herein.

Download Submission Form